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Finding Your Path

Learn about careers in health care -- and consequences of life choices.

We’re very excited about how "Finding Your Path" allows us to reach more students than ever before and makes it fun for them to experience over 50 health care careers. But the real benefit of the game is its potential to change lives, perhaps for generations, as players who don’t think they have education or career options discover for themselves that they can indeed find their own unique path to a health care career.

— Bridgett Willey, PhD, RDMS, RVT, RDCS, RT
Director, Allied Health Education and Career Pathways

Dane Changers

Dane Changers

Building awareness of issues that affect our community wellness.

The great thing about "Dane Changers" is that every action a player takes virtually is an action they can take in real life. The game empowers community members to understand how they can join the fight for the education, financial stability and health of everyone in Dane County. There is so much we can affect locally and "Dane Changers” will educate and inspire a new segment of the population to get involved.

— Jocelyn Harmon, Executive Vice President, Community Engagement, Marketing and Strategy, United Way of Dane County

Houston, We Have Spinach!

Houston, We Have Spinach!

Is nutrition rocket science? Maybe!

In Houston, We Have Spinach!™, players learn about the nutrients in the food they eat in a non-judgemental way. Players build rockets and fuel them with food. Different rocket engines react to food in different ways. Some rockets may crave sodium; others might might be unstable if they are filled with carbs. It's up to the player to discover which fuels work, and why.

Innovating. We're proud to have been selected a Wisconsin Innovation Award Finalist in 2018.

Wisconsin Innovation Award Finalist

Last year too.

Madison Innovation Award Finalist

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