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Our games are immersive, fun and empower players through active participation. We believe a good game can be good for business and good for players, too.

We are proud to be named an award finalist at neXXpo 2017, and named one of Madison, Wisconsin's most innovative companies.

Madison's Most Innovative Company Finalist

learning about nutrition can be fun.

Fuel your rocket with a variety of foods. Balance your diet for a better blast off!

Available now in Early Access on Steam for Mac and PC! For more details, visit HoustonWeHaveSpinach.com and our Steam Store page.

money smarts starts young.

For financial institutions our relevant, real-world game content will spark a spending/savings change in our youngest citizens and your future customers.

our team

Certified 80% nerd.

mary romolino

mary romolino

Non-nerd owner and partner.

Even this non-nerd realized it's time for a paradigm shift and shift she did. Mary's successful marketing career took her from the skyscrapers of Chicago to the brainy, laidback city of Madison, WI and from the big-boy conference rooms at US Bank to the proverbial corner office at an ad agency. Now, she's gathered a team of propeller heads and made the leap to gamification. But her kids still don’t think she's cool.

bo monroe

bo monroe

Big time nerd and partner.

Bo is one of those rare people who fully use both sides of their big ol' noggin. He is a talented programmer, artist and game designer creating interactive experiences utilizing digital media for over 20 years. He earned his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and also owns Whatever Develops, LLC, a web application and mobile game development studio. Bo is his nickname and he's sticking to it.

michael flaherty

michael flaherty

Programmer and musician.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Michael briefly left town to sharpen his gaming chops at Big John Games in Edina, MN. Fortunately for us, the draw was too strong and he came back home to Madison where we're happy he dons his propeller-head thinking cap for our games. His passion for music and sound, along with his programming talent, round out our core development team.

tarah hiemes

Tarah Hiemes

Animator and designer.

Not satisfied with just one degree, Tarah earned two from Madison College: one each in Graphic Design and 3D Animation. We’re glad to have Tarah and her over-achiever skills on our team. She could spend all day working on animations, concept design, and illustrations if we let her, which we do. In her spare time, Tarah improves the view around town by designing murals for businesses in the Madison area.

troy townshend

Troy Townshend

2D Artist & Designer. (Spring 2018 Intern)

Being an Adobe Certified Associate in both Illustrator and InDesign, as well as having experience in other Adobe products such as Photoshop and Premier, Troy always has something to show or give advice on in the design world. A passion of his is to entertain and communicate, be it in person, on the paintball field, or behind a controller.

hire us.

Do you want to engage your customers in a new way or do you need to expand your brand to more people? Let’s make a game of it.

Contact Mary Romolino @ 608 712 1352 or mary.romolino@acmenerdgames.com